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ARC Film Solutions Introduces 3M Safety and Security Window Film

Ensuring the safety and security of your residence or business premises is paramount. Traditional security measures such as alarms, cameras, and locks play a crucial role in protecting you and your loved ones. However, have you considered the protective potential of your windows?

At ARC Film Solutions, we proudly offer the advanced 3M Safety and Security Window Films, a cutting-edge solution for enhancing the protective capabilities of glass windows and doors. This innovative product combines the strengths of multiple security features to fortify your space against various threats.

Key Features of 3M Safety and Security Window Films

Advanced Multilayer Technology: Our 3M window films incorporate 28 micro-layers of high-tensile, tear-resistant ultra-safety film. This robust construction ensures superior performance under stress.

Enhanced with Prestige Series Sun Control: These films also integrate the benefits of the 3M Prestige Series sun control films, providing excellent heat and UV management alongside security features.

Visual Appeal and Clarity: Designed to maintain the natural appearance of your building, these films allow up to 70% of visible light to pass through your windows while blocking harmful UV rays. This ensures your space remains bright and inviting without compromising on safety.

Durability and Protection: In the event of glass breakage due to an accident or attempted break-in, the film holds the shards together, significantly reducing the risk of injury and property damage.

Energy Efficiency: Our window films reflect up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays, which helps in reducing cooling costs by minimizing heat build-up and hot spots within your space.

Product Range – Ultra Prestige Series:

  • Performance: The Ultra Prestige Series combines 42 micro-layers of ultra-durable, tear-resistant safety film with the advantages of our sun control technology.
  • Transparency: It preserves the look of your building and provides a clear view, letting in ample natural light while protecting against UV rays.
  • Strength: It significantly enhances the structural integrity of your windows, helping to hold glass in place upon impact.
  • Energy Efficiency: It blocks heat and reduces energy consumption by keeping indoor spaces cooler and more comfortable.

Whether you are safeguarding your home against natural disasters or preventing break-ins, the vulnerabilities of windows should not be overlooked. With ARC Film Solutions’ 3M Safety and Security Window Films, you can enhance your peace of mind while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your property.

For more information on how our products can protect and improve your space, contact ARC Film Solutions today. Let us help you find the perfect film solution tailored to your needs.

ARC Film Solutions: Your Premier 3M Window Film Provider

ARC Film Solutions stands as the leading provider of 3M window films, offering expert residential and commercial window tinting services. Dedicated to excellence and complete customer satisfaction, ARC Film Solutions caters to clients across Fort Smith, Bentonville, and Fayetteville. Our specialized knowledge in 3M window film installation guarantees superior quality solutions for enhancing privacy, reducing heat, and providing UV protection, among others. Whether you aim to improve the visual appeal of your property or require advanced protection for your commercial windows, ARC Film Solutions provides professional, customized results that meet your unique requirements.


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