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In 2021, a recently constructed building caught fire due to the extreme heat caused by the glass. Typically curved windows are the only windows that can cause this issue, however this incident highlights just how much heat sunlight on glass can generate. Even flare panes of glass in a high rise building can greatly impact the temperature of the building.

This is why so many companies have begun to rely on commercial window tinting. Window films can cut down on heat, block harmful UV rays, and reduce light if needed. As important as this is to businesses, it isn’t the easiest investment to get done right. There are multiple simple errors with window tinting that can damage the end results.

1.) Selecting the Cheapest Film
Window tints are so much more than just a decoration. They come with a wide variety of benefits including:
● UV Protection
● Heat Absorption
● Reducing Light
● Increased Privacy

In fact, some of the best window films can hold glass together in the event of cracks or a disaster. This protects your business from challenges like interior fading and sun damage, burglaries, and even natural disasters. And with certain films, it can save you money on your energy bills by assisting in temperature regulation. Despite being more expensive, these kinds of films save you more money in the long run and last longer than cheaper alternatives.

2.) Choosing the Wrong Type of Film
Numerous businesses will select window films for various reasons, whether it’s for decoration, UV protection, or privacy for meeting spaces. Textured and frosted film stops people from invading the meeting space without hindering light from coming. This creates a light and airy yet private room to conduct important business.

Internal frosted windows don’t need UV protection, but if you want decorative films for exterior windows then you’re going to have different needs. It’s important to find the right window films to fit your specific needs.

3.) Not Deep Cleaning Your Windows Before Hand
When you are getting your window films installed, it is important to ensure that your windows have been deep cleaned so that they last for the entirety of their predicted lifespan. The best way to go about this is working a window cleaning service into your overall budget to ensure your windows are professionally prepared for their installment.

4.) Cleaning Windows With Alcohol
Deep cleaning your windows NEVER means using alcohol! While it is a strong disinfectant, that’s not the kind of deep cleaning your windows need. Window tint installation requires a crystal clear surface with no dust or residue.

Sadly, alcohol and other common cleaning products will lead to streaking and residue. This makes the window film much harder to cling to as well as disturbs the quality of view through the window.

5.) Leaving Air bubbles
Air bubbles being left in your window film can hinder your window’s aesthetics and reflect poorly on the quality of your business. To avoid this, professionals will usually apply the film to a wet, clean window. This allows the film to be applied in the perfect position and move the air bubbles out easier.

6.) Handling the Process Yourself
There are many areas where window tint application can go south. Everything we have already mentioned is why we heavily suggest hiring professionals to assist you throughout the entire process.

Professionals can recommend the best films for your needs, prepare everything, and apply properly the first time for high quality and long-lasting results.

7.) Selecting the Wrong Installer
Of course, not every professional is going to deliver on the high quality work you are expecting. Unfortunately there can be low-quality contractors out there preying upon businesses who wouldn’t know what to look for.

The best way to find a reliable installer is inquiring about their warranty. This will demonstrate their confidence in their products and services, and guarantees you will have any issues corrected without additional cost to you.

Window tinting mishaps can be avoided completely by hiring the right team to work on your windows. At ARC Films, we work with you on this process from the beginning to the end. From choosing the right film to the final installation step.
If you are ready to start investing in window films for your business, contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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