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When we go out to homes to provide window film estimates, we are often asked a series of questions. Many of these questions have to do with window film myths that have been perpetuated throughout the years. For example, there is a myth that window film and house plants do not play well together. But it’s quite the opposite; window film can promote the health and growth of indoor plants.

We hate that these myths deter people from investing in window films that will make their homes safer and healthier, so we have composed the top five myths of window films in the hopes we can debunk them for you.

Myth 1 – Window Film Kills Houseplants
As we said above, this myth isn’t true. But why do people believe this? Many window films that are cheaper and have low quality may not protect from UV rays but dim the light a little. This can negatively affect your houseplants as they need that natural sunlight.

However, professional-grade window film that a dealer has installed will not impact your houseplants negatively. It doesn’t dim the light coming in but blocks the harmful UV rays that can cause fading, health issues, etc. When you install this film, it allows for the natural sunlight your plants need without the UV rays affecting your houseplants.

Myth 2 – Our House or Office Will Be Too Dark
Again, window film is designed to block UV light. This allows for healthy sunlight while protecting you from dangerous light. So, when it comes to homes and offices, window films can give you all of the benefits of natural sunlight while reducing electricity bills, cutting down on glare, and fading interior furnishings.

Myth 3 – You Can’t Clean Your Windows the Same After Window Film
Just like all of your home’s features, window film design and manufacturing has evolved over the years. Because of this, higher-quality films have become more durable than their cheap counterparts. This means your windows can (and should) be cleaned regularly after the window film has been installed.

When professionals install your window film, they will provide you with instructions on the cleaning process to ensure you maintain its high quality results.

Myth 4 – Window Film Deteriorates Over Time
Many of these myths associated with window film and window tinting products stems from one thing: quality. The quality of the film or its installation can vastly affect the end results. Because of this, many times, these “myths” stand true for the lower quality products. This, unfortunately, isn’t distinguished enough for people to know it only applies to low-quality films, not all films.

It is true that low-quality film tends to bubble, crack, and peel after a period of time. However, as we stated earlier, high quality films like we install do not have this problem and are made to last.
Myth 5 – Windo
w Film Can Crack or Break Your Windows
There is a connection between thermal stress (big changes in the window glass from hot to cold or cold to hot) and window breakage. However, this is not risky if you work with a professional window film installer. When we come to your home or business, we are diligent in verifying your window manufacturer and their specs. With this information, we can pair the ideal window film with your windows in order to limit the risk of cracking, breaking, or damaging your windows.

Do you have any more questions or concerns about window film? Contact us today so we can debunk the myths you believe and make you feel confident in your decision to invest in window film.

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